What is a Mink Camper?

Teardrop caravan encourage people of all ages to travel, enjoy the environment, and spend time in the wilderness while being safe and comfortable in their environment. 

Mink, the Scandinavian-inspired, brilliantly coloured camper with doors and windows, is the ideal location to keep toasty this winter. The little house designed to withstand the hardest of winters, the product of a collaboration between the Swedish jordi hans design and Mink Campers. As per Teardrop Caravan, following are the essential points one need to know regarding mink camper:

Things You Need to Know by Teardrop Caravan

  1. The sleek mink camper is robust enough to go to isolated locations while being light enough to be connected to electric cars without reducing their driving range substantially. Its aerodynamic form and frameless solid shell construction result in a weight of just 490 kilos, making it very light. It’s very low centre of gravity, on the other hand, ensures that it is highly stable and comfortable on any terrain.
  2. The aerodynamic design also guarantees that it may be utilised with electric cars as well as with any compact-sized automobile due to its low drag coefficient of 0.
  3. The interior has lots of natural light, owing to a large circular entrance window and a panoramic skylight that makes it a perfect location to rest after a difficult day in the desert. Two people may sleep on the queen-sized mattress, while the canvas beds can sleep up to three children.
  4. This may be removed or modified to allow storage items or clothes in the wardrobe. In the back, there is a big kitchen with plenty of storage, including a fridge to keep your drinks cool. The 30 mm thick walls of high grade, fused ABS plastics and the 19 mm armaflex insulated on this camper will maintain you warm and comfy even in subzero temperatures.
  5. Other facilities include an ice chest illuminated, replacing a portable fridge-freezer or a detachable icebox. This is put beneath the inner counter, and for the container a wood cutting plate is used. I
  6. f a built-in tank is not accessible, 3 litre containers may be used as an alternative for water storage. Other storage choices include back cabinets and bins for easy access to tools, dishes and utensils. In the end, a gas single-burner stove enables visitors to cook food before presenting it on a table and chairs for outside dining.


Teardrop caravan suggest that the mink can survive even the worst winters. The mink cabin is equipped with a thermostat controlled webasto heater. During this time, a big skylight panel offers views from a queen-size mattress of the surrounding environment.

mink camperThe built-in Wi-Fi antenna and the USB charging outlets keep travellers connected while a portable Bluetooth soundlink is playing music inside or outside the cabin unless the offering of nature is sufficient. The LED lights is utilised all over the roof and the solar panel holds off-grid explorers’ batteries. There is also a GPS tracker that makes the mink highly sophisticated.