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Milenco Grand Aero Mirrors (twin pack)

Milenco Grand Aero Mirrors (twin pack)

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Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirrors Twin Pack + Case

In 2007 Milenco Limited re-wrote the book on towing mirrors, when they launched the award winning Aero Towing Mirror. The Aero Mirror offered unrivalled stability at very high towing speeds. It was also the first mirror to meet the new pedestrian safety standards and the new European standards.

The Grand Aero Mirror offers all the benefits of the original Aero Mirror, plus the maximum view possible, combined with very high stability. As you would expect from Milenco, this is a very high quality product, manufactured with the best materials available.

The clamping screws are stainless steel and turn in brass inserts, which will never corrode, and the mirror is fitted with chrome safety glass. The head is the largest ever used on a caravan towing mirror, and has been specifically designed extremely stable, with the shape enabling you to see far past your caravan and cars in all three lanes on the motorway.

Like the Aero Towing Mirror, the Grand Aero Towing Mirror fits all cars, 4 x 4’s and vans produced since 1995.