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Reich Move Control Jumbo Fitted

Reich Move Control Jumbo Fitted

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Moving your caravan could cause backache and even injury. Let Move Control Jumbo take care of the heavy work. THIS IS FOR A SINGLE AXLE CARAVAN

  • Designed to ISO 9001:2000 CE / TUV approved
  • One model to fit the majority of single axle caravans (with or without shock absorbers)
  • Transfers to new caravans easily
  • Fitting brackets available for non standard chassis and to accomodate spare wheel carrier and jacking points
  • Motor and gearbox inside the chassis and not in spray area of the wheels
  • Longer rollers - the grooved area covers the complete tread on any tyre for better traction in wet conditions.
  • Softstart and softstop electronics for smooth operation - no stress on chassis - exact positioning for easy connection to towing vehicle
  • Remote control as standard
  • Cross actuation as standard, rollers can be put on/off from one side of the caravan with a hand brace or cordless power tool - no effort required.