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Purpleline Enduro Quattro Fitted

Purpleline Enduro Quattro Fitted

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The Purpleline Enduro caravan mover has a simple to use remote control, it directs the caravan into any position required even rotating the caravan 360°.


The Quattro has:

  • Solid Alloy Rollers
  • Isolation Switch
  • Cross Actuation
  • Direct drive Gearbox
  • Super Slim Deisgn
  • 2250kg Safe Working Load (2 Motors)
  • 3500kg Safe Working Load (4 Motors)
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty

 If the weight of your caravan exceeds 2250kg then you would need to purchase 2 sets - 4 motors in total to fit the requirements of tight turns and slopes. This is easily done by pairing the handset with both the motherboards to get a 4 motor system.

The Enduro caravan mover works on most surfaces and in most conditions and is controlled when going uphill, downhill, hitching and unhitching. It is constructed with high quality design and components, including long-lasting lightweight alloy rollers, stainless steel fixings, and metal control unit housing.


A canon lever is used to engage the mover to the caravan, using a simple pump up and down mechanism. This only has to be done once on fitting.


Techinical Data:

Specifications High Power Motors: The Enduro is more powerful than any entry-level caravan mover on the market. This means the motors will not struggle even on caravans weighing up to 3500kg (with four motors).


Stainless Steel Fixings: Protect against rusting when on your seaside holiday. In fact, the whole Enduro motor mover has been salt tested to make sure we have a high level of protection against corrosion.


Metal Control Unit Housing: The control housing (the brain effectively) of the unit normally lives in the front bed box where it it protected.


Cross Actuation: This means that you can engage both wheels from either side of the van, which is useful if you are tight on space or need to park close to a wall.


Additional Information: Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC; Average Current Consumption 19 Ampere; Max Current Consumption 84 Ampere; Speed 11.45cm per sec; Weight 40.94(exc battery and cross acuation) ; Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250Kg (twin motor) 3500Kg (quad motor); Min Width (caravan/trailer) 1800mm; Max width 2400mm; Max Tyre Width 205mm; Power Source (caravan leisure battery) 12V 110Ah, 12V 85Ah minimum.